Diversity Lecture Series

Diversity Across the Disciplines: An International Lecture Series

In 2021, six international visiting professors working jointly with Bamberg colleagues on diversity-related research projects present their work as part of the public series “Diversity Across the Disciplines: An International Lecture Series”.

The lecture series opened with a joint lecture by guest professor Dr. Anna Nedoluzhko (Charles University Prague, Czech Republic), Hellìk Mayer, and Prof. Dr. Sandra Birzer on "Modeling Learner Diversity: First Results from the Russian Learner Corpus." This inaugural event took place on 06 May 2021 as part of Bamberg University’s public workshop on "Linguistic structures in foreign language acquisition from three perspectives," organized by Prof. Birzer (Slavic Linguistics).

Guest professor Dr hab. Maria Nowak (University of Warsaw, Poland) carried out research at the University of Bamberg between 4 September and 21 September 2021. To present the results of this short-time fellowship, she gave a talk on 15 November 2021 entitled Unity in Diversity? Status in Roman Egypt” that comprised an introduction to the phenomenon of status in Roman Egypt and a case study of Greek papyri.

Between 11 October and 22 October 2021, guest professor Dr. Ella Peltonen (University of Oulu, Finland) visited the University of Bamberg. As part of the "Woche der Forschung," she delivered a talk on "Failing in Research: How to overcome and publish negative results" on 15 October 2021 and is going to contribute to the lecture series of the Smart City Research Lab with a talk on "Crowdsensing with connected cars and other mobile devices in urban and rural areas" on 16 December 2021 (online).

Guest professor Prof. Dr. Alexander Yao Cobbinah (University of São Paulo, Brazil) is conducting research at the Institute of Romance Studies from 29 November until 15 December 2021. As part of his research stay, he is teaching a section on West-African Heritage in Colonial Brazil: Language, Culture, and Resistance in Minas Gerais in Prof. Dr. Enrique Rodrigues-Moura’s course on “Cultural Resistance in Latin America.” During his time in Bamberg, guest professor Cobbinah will also be available for PhD student consultations and work on the upcoming publication on Obra Nova de Língua Geral de Mina (Christina Märzhäuser, Enrique Rodrigues-Moura, eds., 2022). Additionally, he and his Bamberg colleague are co-organizing the international online workshop on “Historical Perspectives on Linguistics and Cultural Exchanges between the African Costa da Mina and Minas Gerais/ Brazil” (07 December - 08 December 2021). Professor Cobbinah’s public talk on Rhetoric and Pragmatic Structures in Transatlantic Language Contact is taking place on 13 December 2021.

Prof. Dr. Sophia Labadi (University of Kent, Great Britain) and Prof. Dr. Mona Hess (Digital Technologies in Heritage Conservation) are teaching a joint online seminar on Genders, Diversities, and Heritagefrom 12 January until 09 February 2022. (For more information on course registration click here.) Professor Labadi’s public talk at Bamberg University will take place in the summer term 2022.