Research and Projects

Research Focus Areas

The Chair of Heritage Conservation and the Heritage Conservation division at the Centre for Heritage Conservation Studies and Technologies (KDWT) are distinguished by a wide range of individual research projects, as well as by the two research focus areas "The City and Heritage Conservation" and "Value Discourses".

"The City and Heritage Conservation" addresses the negotiation of architectural heritage significance in urban space. An important task is to rethink the conservation and development of historical areas in cities and villages, and to strengthen them by facilitating cooperation among different stakeholders as well as promoting broader public participation. The discussion of conservation and the city opens up questions about the ‘making’ and ‘made-ness’ of historical urban spaces.

“Value Discourses” analyzes cultural heritage and heritage conservation as socially-anchored processes of negotiation, and thus goes beyond object-centered research. In this way, questions regarding processes of evaluation and valorization come to the fore. An important goal of this focus area is to open new perspectives on cultural heritage through consideration of the emotional processes that are involved. Current and controversial topics such as Heimat or identity offer the possibility of approaching heritage critically in order to broaden the horizons of the heritage conservation field.


Dissertations at the Chair of Heritage Sciences

Current Postdoctoral Theses

Dr.-Ing. Carmen Maria Enss:  Gustavo Giovannoni (1873–1947). Erbe- und Städtebautheorien  (working title)

Dr. Stephanie Herold: Bewertung – Inwertsetzung – Aneignung (working title)

Completed Postdoctoral Theses

Current Doctoral Theses

Irina Dünnwald-Jabotinsky M.A.:  Vom „Haus der Versammlung“ zur Begegnungsstätte. Denkmalpflegerische Konzepte und Nutzung ehemaliger Synagogen in Bayern

Nadja Fröhlich M.A.:  Mittelalterbilder. Denkmalpflegerische Bildproduktion des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts an mittelalterlichen Sakralbauten in Frankreich 

Svenja Hönig M.A.:  Emotion und bauliches Erbe (working title)

Philipp Huntscha M.A.:  Das Büro Spengelin 

Georg Sedlmeyer M.A.:  Kriegsschadensbewertung und Stadtplanung in Deutschland am Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs

Lisa Marie Selitz M.A.:  Erhalten – Erneuern – Beteiligen. Partizipatorische Ansätze für die städtebauliche Denkmalpflege im Kontext der Stadterneuerung

Sophie Stackmann M.A.:  Integrität als Kriterium für Welterbemanagment in urbanen Räumen 

Cornelia Thielmann M.A.:  Burgenrestaurierung in der deutschen Nachkriegszeit (working title)

Verena Ummenhofer M.A.:  Mittelalterbilder. Denkmalpflegerische Bildproduktion an mittelalterlichen Sakralbauten in Deutschland