Data Privacy Declaration

-enacted by the senate of the University of Bamberg on 11 February 2004 and on 7 February 2007-

This data privacy declaration applies to the web server, as well as to all University of Bamberg web pages which refer to this policy declaration.

1. Logging

Due to security-related incidences, relevant data is logged for every accessing of the University of Bamberg web server. Depending on the log protocol used, the protocol dataset includes information comprising the following contents:

Stored data is used solely for purposes of identifying and tracking prohibited/forbidden access attempts and access to the web server. The stored data are used for no purposes other than data security. Non-anonymised data will not be used for statistical analysis. Logged data is stored for a maximum of three months and is then deleted.

2. Active Components

Information provided by the University of Bamberg may generally be accessed using browsers in which Java-Applets, Active-X-Controls and Cookies are deactivated. In cases where this leads to significant restrictions on functionality, a pertinent notice will appear.

3. Email Security

If you send the University of Bamberg an email, your address will be used solely for correspondence with you.

If you wish to send us an email with confidential content, we strongly urge you to use encryption in order to prevent unauthorised access to, or tampering with this information on its transmission route.

The type of encryption is to be agreed upon with the recipient.

If you do not desire an email response, you should explicitly request an alternative form of communication.

End of the Data Privacy Declaration - enacted by the senate of the University of Bamberg on 11 February 2004 and on 7 February 2007.

Access Analysis with Matomo

The University of Bamberg uses the open-source software Matomo to perform statistical analysis of visitor access data.

Accrued information is processed and analysed purely internally by the University of Bamberg. Collected data is not disclosed to third parties. It is used solely for the identification and improvement of relevant internet content.

IP addresses are therefore rendered anonymous prior to being stored. Matomo is configured in accordance with the recommendations of the state of Schleswig-Holstein’s Independent Centre for Privacy Protection (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz – ULD) and complies with the applicable data protection regulations.

By using this website, you express your consent to the processing of data collected in the manner and for the purposes described above.

Using the button below, you may opt not to disable the Matomo analysis.