PhD Student

Sonya Sunyoung Park, MSc.
Mail: sunyoung.park(at)
Phone: 01522/721 4959
Office: FG1/01.05

Sonya Sunyoung Park is a PhD researcher at the Chair for the Governance of Innovative and Complex Technological Systems under the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences with the DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme 2018-2021. In 2015, she has awarded a Merit of Master of Science in Development Administration and Planning at University College London, with her academic research in ‘Migrants’ socio-economic settlement in Network Society’.

In line with the previous studies, her current research lays stress on the migrants’ transnational identity. To justify it, she is investigating the chronological changes of migrants’ online social networking along with the evolution of Information and Communication Technologies. Eventually, she aims to understand how various online social networks are differently used to demonstrate the migrants’ transnational identities. 

She has 7 years’ work experience in developing ICT projects with the Multilateral Development Banks and Organisations in the Central Asian and African regions. She considers herself as one of the migrants - the resesarch target per se, in the sense that she has lived in numerous countries around the world - China, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.