Associate Researcher

Dr. Julia Bettecken
Phone: 0951/863-2790
Office: FMA/01.14
Speaking hour: Tuesday, 14-16 h

Julia Bettecken is a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Political Science, in particular the Chair for the Governance of Complex and Innovative Technological Systems.

Her previous research focuses on the interplay between institutions and decision-making behavior, with implications for social welfare and public opinion. In particular, she relies on experimental methods to study the effect of different voting institutions (direct democracy, representative democracy) on the decisions made by voters and their elected (or appointed) representatives. She also investigates voters’ legitimacy perceptions and attitudes towards different voting institutions.

Her current research interest focuses on new forms of democratic decision-making, such as participatory innovations and the use of digital democracy. Moreover, she is interested in citizens’ attitudes towards technological innovations and algorithm-based decision-making.

Before joining the Chair of Prof. Dr. Andreas Jungherr, Julia Bettecken worked as Managing Editor of European Union Politics. She pursued her doctorate in political science at the Graduate School of the Social and Behavioural Sciences (GSBS) at the University of Konstanz.