Procedure of the courses in SS 2020 in view of the corona virus


In the Summer Semester 2020, courses will be offered through online teaching only. Lectures will take place online on the day and time indicated in the syllabus, as if we would meet face-to-face. For online teaching, we will use the Platform Zoom.

Please register to the courses within 19th April 2020 via FlexNow! So that we can send you a link via email to access the online lecture.                                                                                       

Please also note that for Sprechstunde, meetings with instructors will have to be arranged through Microsoft Teams (Uni-Bamberg licence) or Skype.

Before lectures start, make sure that all the necessary apps are installed in your computer (we suggest to use your computer instead of your phone), that you are signed in (and, if needed, connected to the University VPN), and also that your microphone and video devices are correctly working. Make a test first with some of your friends to check this, so that you will be ready to join the online lectures smoothly.

Most of our courses offered at the Chair use Problem-Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching method. PBL requires students to generate discussion on a series of topics during their “chairing session” (please see course syllabi for further information).

For the Summer Semester 2020, we will maintain PBL as a teaching method.

This means that, if you enrol in our courses, you will have to organise a chairing as in a normal face-to-face session. You will have to prepare slides so that the other students can see them online through screen sharing and you will have to moderate the discussion through the online teaching platform.

However, we know that online chairing will be characterised by different ways of interacting, participating and discussing than in face-to-face sessions. This is fine, as we will learn together how chairing will differently develop in online teaching.

Please feel free to write to the course instructors if you have further questions; anyway, during the first introductory lecture we will clarify how PBL works and how your online chairing should develop.