Welcome to the Chair for the Governance of Complex and Innovative Technological Systems!

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At the Chair for the Governance of Complex and Innovative Technological Systems, we investigate the mutual influence of technology and society.

We are interested in how societies deal with technological change. This includes attempts to promote and control technical change and to identify risks at an early stage. At the same time, we also investigate adaptation processes in society, organizations and institutions that are triggered by technical change.

Here, we focus on three topics:

⁃ Digitalization;
⁃ Artificial Intelligence;
⁃ Energy transition.

In doing so, we primarily consider in our research:

⁃ Population responses to technological change;
⁃ Effect of information campaigns;
⁃ political communication and campaigning;
⁃ computational social science (CSS).

In our teaching, we train students to independently investigate and answer questions in these topic areas in contexts that are relevant to both science and practice. This includes instruction in theory-driven empirical work, for example, in the form of surveys, experiments, text analysis, and the use of advanced computer-based, data-intensive methods.