Kolloquium Montag, 5. 11. 2012, 15 Uhr s.t. , WE5/05.013

Lukas Berle (BA Präsentation, Projekt EMN-Moves): Matching natural language activity descriptions by using self-expanding ontologies -- An application to support mobility of elderly people

The aim of this work is to present and implement an approach for a self-learning system. This approach will be part of a matchmaker. The matchmaker will match elderly persons with persons who have the same interests and elderly persons with volunteers. The part of the matchmaker that is developed in this work shall assign a natural language activity description to classes in an ontology. These classes represent activities. Furthermore the approach calculates a probability from the system’s view that the natural language activity description belongs to a certain class. In addition, the approach makes use of similarities between activities. This means that these approach is also able to return activities that are similar to the desired activities.
The approach is implemented in Java and can be tested. Some problems which negatively impact the matching quality are identified and possible solutions for these problems are presented.