Bamberg - World Heritage Fascination

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Time travel is possible - Come to Bamberg and see for yourself!

Narrow alleys, medieval and baroque building fronts, picture-perfect sights, and a romantic flair: Bamberg is a unique work of art, steeped in 1,000 years of history. The city enchants visitors with its fully intact old town centre and takes you back to times gone by. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993, the town is a lively arts and cultural centre today and harbours art treasures and architectural highlights from all centuries since the Middle Ages.

A vivid cultural scene with theatres, music bars, and the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra, quaint shops in historic houses, 30 antique stores, and eleven-family run breweries generating a myriad of brew pubs and their summer-equivalent beer gardens high up on Bamberg's hills add to the atmosphere of an historic town that is alive as ever.

The town is surrounded by natue parks just waiting for the active and nature-loving visitors, boasting a great number of castles, palaces, and monasteries, vineyards and gardens.


If you don't have enough time to enjoy your stay in Bamberg calm and easy, it will be a good advice to choose just a few of many sights in Bamberg.

This exemplary choice of sights may help you:

If you want to do a little walk within the town the Altenburg castle is highly recommended.

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