Digital reconstruction of polychrome paint layers

The polychrome paint layers of the gothic sculptures in Regensburg Cathedral have been examined and analyzed by conservation scientists. Based on these findings, the project aims at digitally reconstructing different variants of the sculptures' coloring.

Computer science contributes optimized image processing methods which support the reconstruction workflow. Special attention is paid to digital painting techniques and a solution for color management compatible with collaborative work. In addition, a graphic work environment for the digital reconstruction is designed from off-the-shelf hardware and software components.


  • Achim Hubel, Heritage Sciences, University of Bamberg
  • Christoph Schlieder, Computing in the Cultural Sciences, University of Bamberg
  • Friedrich Fuchs, Art Collections of the Diocese of Regensburg


Regensburg Cathedral Trust, 2014-2016


Stein, Klaus; Schlieder, Christoph (2016). Digitale Farbrekonstruktion [digital color reconstruction, in German], In: Fuchs, Friedrich; Hubel, Achim (eds.), Die farbige Kathedrale: 700 Jahre Farbigkeit im Regensburger Dom [The polychrome cathedral, in German], Schnell & Steiner. ISBN:978-3-7954-3095-5