SOPHIA (Senior Occupation after Profession: Habit Intriguing Adults) - ICT‐based solutions for supporting occupation in life of older adults

SOPHIA comes from the Greek word “Σοφία” that means wisdom. It aims to create a network the core of which will be senior adults after retirement who would like to continue offering their skills. Some of the network branches will be companies and enterprises that would require knowledge and expertise of the seniors, or individuals who could use their help. This network will bring in contact the senior adults with the above people and handle all kinds of possible transaction they may have, in a friendly and efficient environment.


  • Geolmaging Ltd
  • Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas S.L.
  • Stefan University of Bamberg, Department of General Psychology and Methodology
  • Association of Social Institutions of Slovenia
  • Infokom GmbH
  • Ilumya Ltd
  • Wellness Telecom S.L.


EU Joint Programming: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL; Call 6); project sum: 1,000,420.00 €


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