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Literature At The University

LITERATURE AT THE UNIVERSITY is a series of literary readings that has changed the perception of literature in the local population as renowned many authors have read and discussed their works in Bamberg during the last 30 years. Recent participants have included Klaus Boeldl, Christoph Hamann, Thomas Meinecke, Matthias Politycki, Ralf Rothmann, Ingo Schulze, and Martin Walser.

The Bamberger POETICS PROFESSORSHIP aims to create dialogue between students of literature, authors, and the public. Marcel Beyer, Jan Koneffke, Hans Wollschlaeger, Adolf Muschg, Uwe Timm, and Hanns-Josef Ortheil have been Poetics Professors at the University of Bamberg.

Music At The University

The concert series MUSIC AT THE UNIVERSITY provides students with an open forum. In larger ensembles such as the choir, orchestra, big band, or in chamber music or solo performances during lecture evenings, Dixie band concerts, a "Volxmixgruppe", or the annual "Irmler Music Competition" all give the university’s up-and-coming musicians a chance to prove themselves.

Bamberger Hegelwoche

The University of Bamberg offers hands-on academia, science, and culture on a variety of occasions: Each year during the early summer, Bamberger philosophers host the BAMBERGER HEGELWOCHE. Lectures and panel discussions with prominent guests from the fields of academia, politics, and culture create a forum for encountering current societal issues of relevance. Guests in Bamberg have included Hans Georg Gadamer, Heiner Geißler, and Karl Friedrich von Weizsaecker.

Look Behind The Scenes

The interested and curious may participate in the NIGHT OF RESEARCH or in university events such as the MS SCIENCE and thus have the chance to have a look behind the scenes of the work carried out at the university. There are also special events at the Otto-Friedrich-Universität for children and young people: At the KINDERUNI BAMBERG (KIBA) and the KOLLEGIATENUNI, children at all school levels have the chance to see what university is like.