Academic Cultures in International Comparison

”Academic Cultures in International Comparison” will be the topic of one of the workshops offered at the annual Woche der jungen Forschung, organized by the Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc).

Workshop 2018: Research in an International Context

Working in internationally staffed teams is becoming more and more common, particularly in academic fields. Thereby, scholars with different cultural backgrounds are converging. Despite whether or not these persons are proficient in the “lingua franca,” this can often lead to miscommunication and conflict. Therefore, this workshop aims to convey intercultural skills such as raising awareness of culturally related behavior, the capacity for empathy and tolerance of ambiguity. The workshop offers a balanced mix of theory and practice.

Trainer:Lic. Maria Luisa Mariscal, LL.M., University of Osnabrück

Time and place: Friday, 23 February 2018, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, An der Weberei 5, Erba-Gelände

Target group: Doctoral students and visiting doctoral students