Dr Ido Israelowich

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr Ido Israelowich
Department of Classics
Tel Aviv University

Tel.: (972) 0528-301130
E-Mail: ido0572(at)post.tau.ac.il

Host faculty at the University of Bamberg:


Areas of Expertise

  • History of Ancient Medicine
  • Roman Law
  • Social History of the Classic World

Forensic medicine and the Roman law of evidence

I am now engaged in a research project revolving the history of forensic medicine during the High Roman Empire and its implications on the Roman law of evidence. It will examine (i) all instances in which physicians acted as figures of authority in the Roman courts, such as cases of suspicious violence or disputed paternity or pregnancy; (ii) occurrences in which physicians themselves proclaimed their prowess but were not in demand by the courts, such as cases that required a diagnosis of madness; and (iii) the bearing these cases had on the Roman Evidence Law and Law of Procedure.


since 2011: Senior lecturer, Tel Aviv University

2010-2011: Fixed term lectureship, Tel Aviv University

2008-2010: Yad Hanadiv Post doctoral fellowship


2005-2008: D.Phil Ancient History (Oxford)

2002-2005: M.Phil Ancient History (Oxford)

1994-1998: BA History and Philosophy (Tel Aviv)  


Israelowich, Ido (2015): Patients and Healers in the Roman Empire, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Israelowich, Ido (2012): Society, Medicine and Religion in the Sacred Tales of Aelius Aristides, Leiden: Brill.

Refereed Articles in journals

Israelowich, Ido (2017): ‘The theme of illness in Sophocles’ Ajax’, SCI (forthcoming).

Israelowich, Ido (2017): ‘The extent of the patria potestas during the High Empire: the decision of non tollere as a case in point’, Museum Helveticum (forthcoming).

Israelowich, Ido (2016): ‘The use and abuse of Hippocratic medicine in the Apology of Lucius Apuleius’, Classical Quarterly Vol. 67: 635-44.

Israelowich, Ido (2014): ‘Physicians as figures of authority in the Roman courts’, Historia Vol. 63: 445-462.

Israelowich, Ido (2008): ‘The Rain Miracle of Marcus Aurelius: (Re)-creation of consensus’, Greece and Rome Vol. 55: 83-102.

Israelowich, Ido (2008): ‘The world of Aelius Aristides’ Scripta Classica Israelica Vol. 26: 91-110.