Thesis at the department of Statistics and Econometrics

General guidelines

Various possibilities of thematic focus for final thesis are offered by the department of Statistics and Econometrics. The offer of supervision of a final thesis at the department of Statistics and Econometrics is generally open for all those students having successfully completed compulsory and/or elective modules in statistics and econometrics during undergraduate respectively graduate studies, having acquired the necessary fundamental statistically and/or quantitative-methodically oriented knowledge to the extent of at least 12 ECTS credits (e.g. from "Statistical methods I" and "Statistical methods II"), as well ashaving a good command of at leastone statistical software (R, SPSS, Stata) on the basis of syntax.

Please note, that the supervision of a Bachelor thesis or a Master thesis by the department of Statistics and Econometrics is exclusively possible in case of completion of the mentioned requirements! Students should choose the area of interest regarding the topic of the thesis. It is suggested to take a look at the research interests and responsibilities of possible advisers / chair staff and contacting them.

Additionaly should be noted that the study and examination regulations of the different study programmes and faculties vary concerning duration, priorities in form and content etc.

If the preferred thesis topic meets the requirements of the specific study and examination regulations or, to which extent a compatibility could be established by an appropriate content focus, has to be examined on an individual basis.