Christoph Spörlein

Research fellow and principal investigator "Moving beyond mean differences" and "Aiming High"

at the Chair of Sociology, area Social Stratification
University of Bamberg 


Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Feldkirchenstraße 21/ Room: 01.52
D-96052 Bamberg

Tel: +49-(0)951-863-3649
FAX: +49-(0)951-863-3865

email: christoph.spoerlein(at)

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Office hours: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00pm or per appointment 


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Research interests

Social inequality, migration, quantitative methods 


2016: Visiting professor, University of Konstanz.

2011-2014: PhD, University of Köln.

2009-2011: Master "Sociology and Social Research", Utrecht University.

2006-2009: Bachelor "Sozialökonomik", University Erlangen-Nürnberg.