Gordey Yastrebov

Room: F21/00.19c

Phone: 0951 863-3122

E-Mail: gordey.yastrebov(at)uni-bamberg.de

Consultation by appointment



Curriculum Vitae

Gordey Yastrebov has joined the Chair of Sociology 1 in 7/2018 while on the track of completing his doctoral dissertation at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. In his dissertation project, he explores how post-WWII demographic dynamics (i.e. the succession of 'thick' baby boom over 'thin' baby bust generations) impacts on individual social mobility. Between 9/2014 and 6/2016, as a doctoral students at the EUI, he participated in the eduLIFE project (supervised by prof. Hans-Peter Blossfeld) focusing on the development of social inequalities in early life course and secondary education in post-Soviet Russia. His previous academic record also includes several years of teaching and research at Higher School of Economics in Moscow, which is one of Russia's leading national research universities with a strong profile in social sciences.

His research interests broadly revolve around social and educational stratification, intra- and intergenerational mobility, and their interconnections with demographic processes. In addition, he has a general interest in mathematical sociology and formal theorization of social phenomena.

Please find Gordey Yastrebov's detailed CV here(247.5 KB).