European Network of Business Schools

The University of Bamberg is a member of an exclusive network of European universities. The European Network of Business Schools (ENBS) gives students enrolled in economic study programmes (Business Administration, International Business Administration, European Economic Studies) the opportunity to further enhance their studies abroad with an additional certificate. Information can be found here or on the ENBS homepage:

The participating universities share the common goal of providing students of Economics study programmes with the opportunity to diversify their profiles with special achievements while they acquire expert knowledge at two or more universities. This process provides our graduates with the particular qualifications to face the challenges that have emerged out of the creation of the European common market.

Currently, 8 European universities and other institutions of higher education in Ireland, Germany, France, Poland and Spain are members of the ENBS consortium. Besides the University of Bamberg, Germany is also represented by the University of Stuttgart. Students enrolled at the University of Bamberg can currently complete ENBS studies at the following ENBS partner universities:







ENBS certificate

As part of the Business Administration, International Business Administration, European Economic Studies study programmes, the ENBS network provides students with the opportunity to acquire an additional certificate during their studies abroad. Students enrolled in bachelor’s programmes can acquire the ENBS Undergraduate Certificate and students enrolled in master’s programmes can acquire the ENBS Graduate Certificate. The certificate attests exceptional academic achievement and is reserved for only the most accomplished students. The network offers the unique opportunity for personal academic diversification and for honing one’s own international profile.

Individual applications for ENBS studies are not accepted. Students who wish to participate in the programme are asked to apply with the University of Bamberg’s International Office for regular exchange studies with one of the ENBS partner universities. Application documents should then make apparent that the student might also want to take part in the ENBS programme.

After admission to the exchange programme, the selection of the ENBS candidates is made by the foreign studies representative. A decisive factor for selection is the marks that the student has received up to the time of application. The top 30% of applicants in a given year and degree programme will be admitted to participate. These students will receive an invitation and can then register for the programme. Since this process is based on selection and not on direct application, rejection letters will not be sent.

ENBS Studies

Students from Bamberg

In order to obtain the additional certificate, you must earn at least 30 ECTS credits in no more than two semesters during your studies abroad at an ENBS university. In addition, you must receive at least the grade "Good" in all your subjects. The courses you may select will be determined by an ENBS coordinator at the host university. The ENBS courses will then be specified in a “list of approved courses.”

In most cases, examinations and course credit can be recognised by the University of Bamberg. The specific rules are set by the individual examination regulations. There will, however, be no special treatment regarding credit based on participation in this programme. Therefore, it is important to discuss course and examination equivalency before embarking on your semester abroad. More information can be found on the websites of the university examining boards or by contacting the respective subject representatives.

Should a student fail to meet all of the required examination criteria, the ENBS foreign studies will be regarded as a regular semester abroad without the additional certificate.

If all of the examination requirements have been met, the additional certificate will be awarded following the completion of your studies at your home university. It is important to inform the coordinator in Bamberg prior to completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree. The ENBS consortium will verify your examination results and subsequently arrange the issuing of the ENBS certificate. The reception of the certificate for ENBS graduates is a ceremony held once a year at one of the ENBS partner universities. The student with the best results is awarded the Pascal Longequeue award at the ceremony, along with a small financial award.

International Students

In order to receive the additional certificate, you must earn a minimum of 30 ECTS credits in business administration and management, macroeconomics or information systems, with a minimum mark of “Good” in all subjects.

The courses attended will be determined by an ENBS coordinator for each individual student and specified in a list of approved courses. Once you have been selected to participate in the ENBS programme by your home university, please contact Mr. Tobias Kaufmann before the start of the semester.