Double Bachelor's Degree in European Economic Studies (EES)

The progressive economic, political and social integration of Europe is also an influencing factor in university degree programmes. Overcoming the decades-long division of Europe and addressing the increasingly international networking of tasks will require a generation of managers who have been able to gain practical international experience during the course of their studies.

As part of this process several agreements laying out regulations for mutual double degree programmes were drafted between the University of Bamberg, especially the economics department, and foreign partner universities since 2006.

Double degree programmes are currently possible in conjunction with the University of Urbino, the  Corvinus University of Budapest and with the Economics Faculty of the University of Tirana.


Students interested in applying for admission should be motivated and have good marks, and should be willing and able to quickly adapt to a foreign educational system. Applicants to the European Economic Studies degree programme are expected to have a good command of the English language, and, conversely, applicants from foreign partner universities should have a good command of German. Admissions to this mutual programme require the approval of both partner institutions.

Selection Process

Each partner institution may admit up to five students to the programme in any given academic year.

An official process for selection of University of Bamberg applicants to the double degree programme is carried out once a year.

As with regular foreign studies programmes, please submit your application forms and documents to the International Office. However, your application must include the explicit notification that you are also applying for admission to the double degree programme.

For each EES bachelor’s double degree programme, both partner institutions have a programme coordinator who advises and assists students. This coordinator at the University of Bamberg is:

Dr. Felix Stübben

Research Assistant in the Economics Research Group

Study Advisor for European Economic Studies (EES)

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Feldkirchenstr. 21

D-96045 Bamberg

Tel. 0951/863-2687

Email: ees(at)

Programme Curriculum

In the winter semester of their third year, European Economic Studies (EES) students begin the joint portion of the programme with a compulsory year of foreign study at a partner university. University of Bamberg students are required to complete at least 48 ECTS during their studies at the partner university, as arranged in their learning agreement. Based on the partner university that a student will attend, this learning agreement stipulates the courses that are required during the stay abroad.

Obtaining the Degrees

Students who have completed all courses and examinations required for the joint degree programme at both universities receive bachelor’s degrees from both the University of Bamberg and the partner university.

Accordingly, students are awarded the Bachelor of Science in “European Economic Studies (EES)” and either the Bachelor of Science in “Economics and Management” from the University of Urbino,the Bachelor of Science in “Applied Economics” from Corvinus University Budapest or the Bachelor’s degree in “Ekonomiks” from the University of Tirana.

We wish you success in your studies!