SoWi Faculty Research

Social and economic issues are at the core of the SoWi faculty’s research activity. The main areas of research and study can be represented by five areas of focus:

  • Education and social inequality is concerned with the examination of access to education, learning behaviour and the organization of skills acquisition, as well as results and returns from education and skills development.
  • Labour markets and demographic change explores the transformation of labour societies and markets in light of increasing transnationalization and changing population structures.
  • The organization of public action and its institutional requirements and implications, particularly in light of advancing Europeanization and globalization, are at the centre of governance, institutional change and political behaviour.
  • Capital and financial markets deals with expectation formation and pricing in financial and capital markets and therefore addresses questions of regulation, the role of financial intermediaries and also matters of macroeconomic interdependency.
  • Economic decision-making, corporate governance und small and medium-sized enterprises is focused on action taken by and in businesses and networks.

Many focus areas of faculty research are addressed in the context of the Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences.