School Education in Educational Sciences Degrees

The Educational Science degree (EWS), in combination with an interdisciplinary specialty, is designed to aid an educator in fulfilling their pedagogical and educational duties. The goal is to assist students in scientifically based, hands-on preparation for their future jobs as teachers.



EWS is open to all teacher training and bachelor’s degree students, as well as to students in the Professional Education master’s programme and spans the subjects of education, school education and psychology. Additionally, studies in the social sciences and/or theology/philosophy are required for elementary school, Hauptschule,  and Realschule teaching programmes (as long as no extra ECTS-Points are required).

EWS serves primarily to qualify a teacher-in-training in their educational and instructional duties and is an integral component of the curriculum. The programme requires the attendance of modules comprising 35 LP over the course of the student’s studies.