Head of Institution

Prof. Dr. Thomas Saalfeld, Vice president for research

Deputy Head
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dietrich Dörner, Emeritus of Excellence

Advisory Board

According to its statutes (see also amendment) (available in German only), the TRAc is supported by an Advisory Board (current head: Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. Sebastian Kempgen) with members representing the Graduate Schools and the TRAc Projects.



PhD consultung, career advice

Dr. Marion Hacke  (ab 10.12.2019)
E-Mail: promotion.trac(at)
Tel.: 0951-863-3501

Postdoc consultung

Dr. Martin Rehfeldt  (general consultung, Docks for Postdocs!, TRAc Projects)
E-Mail: postdoc.trac(at)
Tel.: 0951-863-3500

Dr. Antonia Widmer-Leitz (general consultung, international mobility, BETTER Research Sabbatical, TRAc qualification program)
E-Mail: postdoc.trac(at)
Tel.: 0951-863-3071