Late Antique Legislation on Pagans

PI: Dr. Dr. Peter Riedlberger
Fischstraße 7
96045 Bamberg

E-Mail: peter.riedlberger(at)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Late Antiquity
  • Cultural Studies
  • Roman Legal History
  • Patristics and Religious History

In the late antique Law Codes we encounter several constitutions on the pagans, and more specifically on pagan practices such as sacrifices. The huge majority of these laws are anti-pagan. The Christianization of the Roman Empire has always been a major research focus, and particularly in the last few years, with major research projects focusing on the intellectual debate as well as the physical destruction of pagan buildings. My research goals are far more modest. I simply want to provide an analysis of these constitutions according to the methods of Roman Law, e.g. an exegetical interpretation. Many historians have worked on these constitutions, but few legal historians have so far.


1997             LMU Munich: M. A. in Ancient History with Latin Philology and Classical Archaeology,
                     Grade 1.00, with distinction (21.07.1997)

2009             CAU Kiel: Dr. phil. in Latin Philology, summa cum laude (11.11.2009)

2012             LMU Munich: Dr. rer. nat. in History of Sciences, magna cum laude (6.12.2012)


Career History

2010-2011   Thyssen Fellow at the Chair of History of Sciences at LMU Munich and at The Warburg
                    Institute, University of London

2011-2012   Minerva Fellow (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft) at the Department of History,
                    Tel Aviv University

2014            Postdoctoral teaching and research assistant (“Akademischer Mitarbeiter”) at the
                    Chair of Roman Law, Faculty of Law, Tübingen University

From 2015    Postdoctoral researcher (“Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter”) at the
                     Chair of Ancient History, University of Bamberg

1996             Paris X Nanterre: Maîtrise en histoire, Grade très bien


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Digital Humanities

17) Amanuensis v1.5 (2014) [available at:] [joint project with Günther Rosenbaum] [Amanuensis is a rapid, powerful and convenient search utility for Romtext, the database of Latin juridical texts]


  • Mommsen-Gesellschaft
  • The Classical Association
  • Society for Classical Studies
  • Association pour l’Antiquité tardive
  • Associazione di Studi Tardoantichi
  • Association Internationale d’Études Patristiques
  • The Israeli Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies
  • Societatea de Studii Clasice din Romania
  • Mensa in Deutschland (German section of Mensa International)


2010             Doctoral thesis award: SHUG Fakultätenpreis 2010
                     (the most prestigious doctoral Award at the University of Kiel across all departments)

2010-11        Research award from Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

2011-12        Research award from Minerva Stiftung

2015             Inducted as “membre associé” by LEM/Institut d’études Augustiniennes
                     (UMR 8584 of CNRS)