Moritz Schulz

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During the winter term 2019-20 and the subsequent summer term, Moritz Schulz joins the team at the Chair of Political Theory, replacing Dr Simon Scheller for the duration of his leave. He originally graduated from the University of Bamberg with a BA in Political Science and, within this subject, feels most at home in political philosophy. Frankly, though, he has a notorious tendency to pass his time with a spontaneous interest in any and all matters theoretical. Incidentally, this has brought him to come across some issues he thinks utterly exciting and he is thrilled to share some bits and pieces of them in his seminars.

Teaching fellow at the Chair of Political Theory, University of Bamberg

MSc Human Rights, London School of Economics and Political Science. Dissertation: "Knowing Human Rights through Experience"

BA Political Science, University of Bamberg (2nd - 3rd year). Dissertation: "Performing Democracy"

BA German Studies and Poltical Science, Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (1st year)

  • Justice
  • Theories of human and constitutional rights
  • Fascism and populism theory
  • Virtue ethics
  • Performativity