Janina Lang M.A.

DFG-Project  „Western Democracies and Extraterritorial Human Rights Violations


Feldkirchenstraße 21
96045 Bamberg

e-mail: janina.lang@uni-bamberg.de
Phone: +49 (0)951-863 2719
Room: F21/03.51

Previous projects:

Research Assistant: “Brexit and Germany”

Research Assistant: “The Politics of the New Germany”

Master’s thesis

Religious groups as political actors: The state-building process in Bosnia Herzegovina after the 1992-1995 war

The thesis sought to examine the role of religious institutions in the Bosnian post-conflict management by analyzing following research question: “How did the Islamic Community, the Catholic as well as the Serbian Orthodox Church attempt to influence the state-building process of Bosnia-Herzegovina after 1995?” Based on a qualitative research design, the paper concluded that the three religious groups did indeed exert a great influence on the (post-)war era in the Balkan region, while reflecting at the same time the structural and material limitations of the institutions and giving a greater insight into how the religious bodies engage on the political stage.

Bachelor’s thesis

The concept of failing states and the case study of Zimabawe

A critical analysis about the concept of failing states and its potential consequences.