Golnaz Elmamooz

Research associate


Research topics

  • Spatio-temporal data analytics
  • Context-aware activity recognition
  • Indoor location-based services
  • Sensor-based data analytics


MOBI-MSS-B: Mobile Software Systems
2,00 SWS
Golnaz Elmamooz
First meeting: Thursday 17th of October, 14:15 in room WE5/00.019


MOBI-Sem-B: Bachelor Seminar Mobile Software Systems
2,00 SWS
Golnaz Elmamooz , Daniela Nicklas
First meeting: Monday14th of October, 16:15 o´clock

Short CV

Since 2016, Golnaz Elmamooz is Research Associate at the University of Bamberg, Germany, in the Chair of Computer Science, in particular Mobile Software Systems / Mobility. She obtained her Master in 2013 from Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran, in computer software engineering, working on predicting Diabetes type 2 using bayes-based classifiers.

Her research interests are analysing and learning from the sensor-based data. She focuses on the continuous management of location-based data from sensors and other active data sources and their incorporation in so-called context-aware applications. Currently, she works on data stream management technologies. These technologies can be applied to the domains of smart cities and smart farming.