FAQs - Research and Practical Experience

Who can help me with questions about the organisation of an internship?

Organisational questions can be asked via email to miss(at)uni-bamberg.de.

Who is responsible for the approval and acceptance of internships?

The programme representative is responsible for the approval and terminal acceptance of internships when you handed in your internship report.

How long does it take to make sure that my internship will be accepted by the University of Bamberg?

You should contact the responsible person at least four weeks before your internship starts in order to get a timely reply.

Where can I find the forms?

You can download them here.

Where can I do an internship?

You can do your internship either at a private enterprise company, at an office for Official Statistics or other public research institutions. Generally the choice of your internship needs to be approved by the Board of Examiners (except if the internship is approved retroactively). If your internship isn’t approved yet by the Board of Examiners (pa.ma-miss(at)uni-bamberg.de), please outline the main points of your internship in your proposal. You can find a list with internships that already have been approved during consultation hour of the programme representative. 

Is it possible to do the internship in part-time, e.g. during the weekend?

Generally, part-time internships are possible. The study guidelines don’t order whether your working time is during the weekend. You should sort this out with your internship supervisor.

Is it possible to do an internship or a research project at a university chair or other university-related institution?

Yes, it is possible. The application is the same as for all other internship openings.

Which companies or institutions in or near Bamberg are offering internships?

You can find some companies and institutions here. You can also see a list of possible internship places in and near Bamberg during consultation hour in the office of the programme representative.

Is it possible to reduce or deregulate the work load of courses and examinations during the internship?

According to Art. 48 S. 2 des Bayerischen Hochschulgesetzes (BayHSchG) an internship is an important reason to be relieved from your studies during the period of the internship or research project.

At which point during the Master’s degree programme should the internship be completed?

The internship or research project should be done before or after the 3rd term of the full-time studies, either during a leave of absence or course-related. If you’re enrolled for the part-time studies, you can also complete your internship or research project extra-occupationally before the 4th term: either course-related or during the term break.

It isn’t possible to accredit an internship or research project that has been completed before you enrolled for the Master’s Degree Programme Survey Statistics.

Is it possible for students who’re working or who’re doing part-time studies, to complete the internship at their place of work?

Yes, but  the generally admitted requirements for an appropriate internship do need to be fulfilled, i.e. there has to be an expert supervisor around and you need to write an internship report about a specifically appointed topic.

Is it possible for other occupational groups to get advance performances accredited?

No, it isn’t. You need to do your internship during the Master’s degree programme after you enrolled for it. It’s also recommended to get an insight into different module groups of Survey Statistics before you can actually do a gainful and challenging internship or research project.

Are there any alternatives to doing an internship?

Instead of an internship you can also complete a research project at a university chair or any other university-related institution.

What’s the difference between an internship and a research project?

An internship is a research or practical occupation that can be completed at a private enterprise company, an office for Official Statistics or any other research institution. According to §22 Abs. 1 Satz 2 MiLoG it’s a compulsory internship with a work load of 240 or 480 hours.

A research project includes the participation in a suitable research project of the University of Bamberg or one of their cooperation partners. The work load should be 240 or 480 hours.