FAQs - Master's Thesis

Do I need to be enrolled at the time I hand in my Master’s thesis?

Yes, the master’s thesis does have to be registered at least 6 months before the end of the duration of study.

I’m currently working on my Master’s thesis. Do I need to report to the Student Service Office for the upcoming term if I’m not quite sure whether I still get the grade in the current term?

The date you hand in your thesis is relevant, not the final grading.

Who can supervise my Master’s thesis?

Besides Prof. Dr. Rässler, at the chair of Econometrics and Statistics, Dr. Aßmann, Dr. Meinfelder and Dr. Messingschlager come into consideration. The Board of Examiners has to agree if you want a supervisor from another chair. Generally, Prof. Dr. Engelhardt-Wölfler and Prof. Dr. Trappmann are being approved as supervisors.

Do I need to come up with a topic myself?

Generally, students should choose a topic they’d like to write their thesis about.

Is there a colloquium for the Master’s thesis?

Yes, there is a colloquium. Usually you give a presentation at the Statistisch-Ökonometrisches Hauptseminar.

Is there a possibility to write an external Master’s thesis in cooperation with a company?

We gladly approve an external Master’s thesis that is arranged during an internship at a company or research institution.