Application and Admission


Admission to the masters degree programme International Software Systems Science requires an academic bachelors degree of at least six semesters (180 ECTS) in Software Systems Science or in a closely related bachelors degree programme such as, but not limited to Informatics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering.

A closely related bachelors degree, as a rule, must cover at least 115 ECTS credit points worth of modules in mathematical foundations, computer science and software engineering including a bachelors thesis in one of these fields or in applied computer sciences. Specifically, among other criteria, admission to the graduate MSc programme requires at least 34 ECTS credit points in Mathematics and Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (covering propositional and predicate logic, linear algebra, calculus, probability theory, automata and formal languages, mathematical software analysis), as well as at least 33 ECTS credit points in Programming and Software Science (covering procedural and non-procedural programming, algorithms and data structures, object-oriented modelling and software engineering).

Your final overall grade in the bachelors degree must be at least upper third class corresponding to the German grade 2.7.

Moreover, your English language proficiency must be above level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), corresponding to at least IELTS 6.5, TOEFL iBT 90 (internet based) or equivalent.

Do I need German language skills?

The masters degree programme International Software Systems Science is fully taught in English. Therefore, you do not need a German language certificate such as the DSH Test (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) to be admitted to the masters programme. Instead, on application you must provide proof of your English language skills as specified above.

But please be aware that the general Enrolment, Re-enrolment and Withdrawal Statutes of the University oblige you to acquire at least basic German language skills (level A1) within the first year of your studies.

Also, obviously most people you will meet in Bamberg, inside and outside of the University, will speak German most of the time. Although locals will be happy to try their English on you it will be important for you to acquire some basic working knowledge of German. It will be easier for you to get around town and to enrich your social experience. The University’s Language Department offers German language classes which you can attend, subject to class size restrictions. Language classes may be added to satisfy up to 18 ECTS credit points of your degree requirements.

If your command of German permits, you may be able to take German-taught courses from the module catalogue of the Faculty as an alternative elective choice in the module groups A2 (Domain-specific Software Systems Science) or A3 (Seminar and Project). For this you must obtain prior approval by the degree examination board (Prüfungsausschuss International Software Systems Science) through a learning agreement.

When do I have to apply?

Please be aware that the application process can take several weeks, in particular if you are living outside of the European Union and your bachelors degree is not obtained under the regulations of the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process). We strongly recommend that you meet the following application dates:

Studies beginning in the winter semester  

  • Applicants from the European Union: from 15th of September 
  • Applicants from outside the European Union, in particular those with visa requirements: from 1st of June

Studies beginning in the summer semester  

  • Applicants from the European Union: from 15th of March
  • Applicants from outside the European Union, in particular those with visa requirements: from 1st of December

Non-EU applicants not currently residing in Germany should apply early. Checking international university entry qualifications may take 8-10 weeks. On top, you should also leave sufficient time for visa applications, finding accommodation and making travel arrangements. You may also want to arrive in Bamberg a couple of weeks before the semester starts. This gives you time to settle in and get acquainted with your new cultural environment and how to move about town.

Which documents do I have to provide for my application?

Your application must include originals or notarised copies of the following documentation in German, English, French or Spanish (for documents in other languages you must additionally provide a notarised translation of the originals):

  • Completed and signed online application for admission
  • Certification of successful completion of the examination for general or restricted university entry qualification.
  • Certification of a completed university degree qualifying for entrance to the masters degree programme.
    If the degree certificate is not yet available at the time of application, and your qualifying degree is conferred by a German university, you may turn in the certificate later. In this case the admission will be conditional only.
  • Documentation of modules, courses and examinations completed within the scope of your qualifying university degree (e.g. a transcript of records).
  • Certificates giving proof of your English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS 6.5, TOEFL iBT 90 or equivalent).
  • Where applicable: professional credentials/references, certificates from professional and continuing educational programmes, awards/honours or voluntary service.

Please check for additional instructions provided by the international office or the office of the registrar.

Help: How to complete your application in few minutes?(855.8 KB)

Where do I send or upload my application documents?

For applicants who have obtained their Bachelor's degree in a German University, the application for the course of studies MSc International Software Systems Science is carried out through the Application Portal of the Registrar's Office

If you should have any foreign qualifications or documentation you need to provide, please do so sending a certified copy in English, German, French or Spanish, if necessary in a certified translation, to the Registrar's Office via post: Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Studierendenkanzlei, Kapuzinerstraße 25, 96047 Bamberg.

Applicants who have obtained their Bachelor's degree in a foreign University will have to send all their documentation, if necessary in a certified translation, to the Registrar's Office via post: Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Studierendenkanzlei, Kapuzinerstraße 25, 96047 Bamberg.

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

There are no tuition fees on academic degree programmes run by public universities in Bavaria such as Bamberg University. Therefore, you do not need to pay for teaching or examinations in the masters programme.

As a registered student you will be required to become a member of the Student Union (Studentenwerk) which charge a fee of around 100 Euros per semester. This membership gives you access to student facilities such as sports clubs, reasonably priced food in the cafeterias and university eateries (Mensa). The membership also includes a semester ticket covering public transport in and around the city of Bamberg.

When do the courses start?

The academic year at Bamberg, like in most other German universities, consists of two semesters. It begins with the winter semester which runs mid-October to Mid-February and continues through the summer semester which runs from mid-April to mid-July.

Since there is no prescribed progression of modules, you can choose to start the masters degree programme with the winter semester or the summer semester.

Please note that you cannot enroll after the semester has started. 

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