Career and educational prospects

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) qualification enables students to take on highly technical tasks in the fields of heritage conservation, museums and archives as well as cultural management at home and abroad.

It enables the evaluation and independent solution of technical and structural process problems in object and damage recording, data archiving, building condition and object analysis, planning of repair and maintenance measures as well as the development of intelligent monitoring concepts.

The graduates of the new study programme have good prospects of carrying out application-oriented projects in practice, participating in the management of data collections and exchange platforms and helping to shape future standards and development trends for integrative monument technologies in public administration, business and science.

Possible occupational fields are:

  • Private sector: Surveying, construction, research, and planning offices (e.g. construction in existing buildings, structural design, building physics in monument conservation), own service office
  • Specialist authorities (e.g. monument offices, building authorities)
  • Museums and Archives
  • Research and Science