Double Degree Programmes in the Field of Business Administration

Meeting the challenges of the future will require managers educated in integrated study programmes which transcend borders. This is why, within the field of business administration and management, the University of Bamberg  and its partner universities offer the opportunity of joint study programmes that take into account the bi-national nature of these studies.

Studies abroad are an integral part of the Bamberg curriculum, with the aim to cultivate important skills such as foreign language proficiency, flexibility, and intercultural competence. As a graduate of the programme, you will not only be a part of an exclusive circle, but you will have proven your commitment and motivation. Currently, we are offering double degree programs in business sciences with the following partner institutions:

Double degree programmes will allow you to discover some of the distinct advantages of studying at a smaller university. We offer exceptional support throughout your studies and provide advisory services from counsellors with extensive experience in all of our study programmes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in person, over the phone or by email with any questions you may have – even during the application process.

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Application and Admission

Admission to double degree programmes in Bamberg (home institution) is only possible during the winter semester. The application for double degree programmes is included as part of the application for the master’s degree programme in business administration and management; during the application period, it is integrated into the degree programme’s online application. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from students already enrolled into the regular master’s degree programme. More information about the online application procedure and the entrance requirements can be found here:

Application for a master degree.

Please be aware of the shorter application deadlines for the double degree programmes. In addition to regular application materials, you must also provide:

  • Statement of motivation in German
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Verification of language proficiency 
  • Certificate of previous academic achievement/University Diploma (Verification of university or equivalent degree, including all individual marks, in accordance with §28 par. 1 no. 1 of the Examination Regulations for the Master’s Degree Programme in Business Administration and Management. Applicants who cannot provide a degree certificate by the deadline should include in their application verification that they have earned a minimum of 150 ECTS points. In this case, it is also necessary to provide a certificate issued by the university from which the student will receive the certificate of graduation, which will contain a fictitiously calculated average final mark, whereby the missing marks from courses not yet completed is assumed to be4,0.)


Generally, you can apply for one or more degree programmes. One statement of motivation is sufficient if you are applying for more than one programme. You can adapt this statement to your preferred programme or to the application for a double degree programme in general.

In any case, please make sure to send the required verification of language proficiency for all of the programmes you are applying to!

A prerequisite for participation in a double degree programme is admission to the master’s degree programme in business administration and management. You can find the requirements in §26 of the Study and Examination Regulations (in German). More information on eligibility (as well as on the programme curriculum and individual modules) can be found on the examining board web page (in German).

Admission to a double degree programme granted by the University of Bamberg is generally provisional pending admission by the partner university. This can only take place during the first year in Bamberg, since it is dependent upon other criteria (advancement of studies, not yet completed language tests, etc.)

Should you receive an acceptance letter for the business administration and management master’s programme but not a place in a double degree programme, your admission to the regular master’s programme remains valid. You will still have the opportunity to apply for regular studies abroad.

After being selected by their home university and receiving the acceptance letter from a partner university, students are admitted to the double degree programme. Admission by a partner university is generally a formality and does not require a separate selection process. Applications to the double degree programme sent directly to a partner university will not be accepted.

Application Deadline

The application period for the 2019/20 winter semester begins alongside the opening of the online application to the master’s degree programme in business administration and management and  ends on