Structure and Curriculum

Programme Structure

The programme is laid out on a four-semester timetable, and the curriculum comprises the writing of a master’s thesis, core content in at least one field of Arabic Studies and a distribution elective which may be defined according to students’ individual, interdisciplinary interests.

A total of 120 ECTS points must be earned, of which 60 are allotted to the core field, 30 to the distribution elective and the remaining 30 points to the master’s thesis.

Manuals and study regulations

Modulhandbuch(587.8 KB)

Prüfungsordnungen (Allgemeine PO, Studien- und Fachprüfungsordnung vom 28. März 2013 mit Änderungssatzung vom 30. September 2014, Fachprüfungsordnung vom 30. September 2010)

Module description

Two to three specialization modules of 10 ECTS points each must be completed in the core field. These modules consist either of a seminar and a source-based training course, or of a source-based seminar and a lecture / training course. A term paper is required in two of the three specialization modules. As an alternative to a third scientific module, a practical language module in an Arabic dialect may be selected.

Two to three practical language modules of 10 ECTS points each must be completed in the core field. Two practical language modules consist of seminars and practical training courses in standard Arabic and Arabic reading. A practical language module in an Arabic dialect can be chosen as an alternative to a specialization module.

Within the core field, 10 ECTS points must be completed in a practical module or a complementary module in a neighbouring Middle Eastern Studies subject field. The practical module comprises a colloquium with an oral presentation and a written report of an internship (at least four weeks) or foreign studies. Both the internship and the foreign studies can be completed in organisations and institutions in which Arabic knowledge can be applied.

In the distribution elective, modules worth of at least 30 ECTS points must be completed.
The student may enroll for modules of Arabic Studies as well as modules of other subjects of free choice.

Following the completion of the second semester or 60 ECTS points, the master’s thesis can be started. Six months are allotted for the writing of the thesis.