Structure and Curriculum

The master’s degree programme, which students may begin in both summer and winter semesters, has a modular structure and is based on a four-semester programme duration (eight semesters for part-time study). This modular curriculum comprises the core field of Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology and also a distribution elective in which modules from neighbouring disciplines are completed. 

The programme is modularized. Modules usually consist of one or two courses. Each module is completed with an exam.

Programme Structure

In order to complete the programme and be awarded the “Master of Arts” degree in Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology, students are required to complete modules with a total of at least 120 ECTS points. The total number of ECTS points is comprised of a combination of modules in the core subject area (60 ECTS points), the distribution elective (at least 30 ECTS points) and also 30 ECTS points for the master’s thesis. The core subject area of Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology comprises two module groups with four and two modules each, as well as two modules not allocated to a specific module group. These eight modules must all be completed successfully.

Schematic Organisation: