Programme Profile

Since the 2005/2006 winter semester, a two-year master’s degree programme (MA) in Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology has been offered in Bamberg. This MA programme received accreditation in 2010. 

The degree programme is geared towards archaeology graduates who are particularly interested in artefacts and remains dating from the medieval and post medieval periods. During the standard programme duration of four semesters, period-specific archaeological topics like sources, methods and practices are examined at an advanced level. The content of the curriculum is based on the most current state of research and draws upon the most up to date literature available. Practical experience essential to students’ future careers is gained in research internships, on archaeological digs, and in field studies and excursions. In the consecutively structured Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology master’s programme, students planning careers in this archaeological discipline receive specialized, in-depth training.

The master’s degree programme in Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology 

  • is a consecutive degree programme built on the foundation of the BA in Archaeology.
  • fosters advanced skills and the competence required for independent academic pursuits.
  • provides specialized knowledge in the core areas of principles, methodology and practice of Medieval and Post Medieval Archaeology.
  • provides insights into neighbouring disciplines in the form of required elective modules.
  • qualifies graduates to head or responsibly participate in archaeological projects.
  • fosters interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • qualifies graduates to pursue doctoral studies in an archaeological field.


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