Most offers of the University Library are free of charge. In some cases, however, fees apply:

Printing, copying, and scanning

You can print, copy, and scan items in all branch libraries. If you do the scanning yourself, it is free.

Interlibrary Loan

Within Germany, books are usually sent for free. In exceptional cases, a fee of no more than 10 euros can apply for photocopies.


If your items are overdue, the Library has the right and is obligated to ask you to return them and pay a fine. Reminder fines cover the administrative costs for sending the reminders. They go into the general treasury of the Free State of Bavaria and are not allocated to the library or book budget.

Currently, the following fines apply:

  • 1st reminder to return an item: 7.50 euros
  • 2nd reminder: 10 euros (in addition to the fine for the first reminder)
  • 3rd reminder: 20 euros (plus postage and fines for the first and second reminders)
  • 4th reminder: 30 euros (plus postage and fines of the first, second, and third reminders)

Please note:

If you have been reminded and fined, you will only be able to borrow, order, and request new books, or renew items, after

  • you have returned the item and
  • paid the fine.

It usually takes a few days before we are notified by the state billing office that your payment has been received. If you present proof of payment, e.g. a bank statement, we can reactivate your Library Account prior to being notified. Please contact your branch library for this purpose.

The first and second reminder are sent via email. The third and fourth reminder are sent by post.

Users without email-address get all reminders by post.

Library Card Replacements

To prevent abuse, please notify us immediately if your card has been lost.

Students will need to contact the Studierendenkanzlei for a new chip card. External users can obtain a replacement card at the Library; they will be charged a service fee of 10 euros.

Exclusion from the Library

Pursuant to Section 26, Subsection 1 of the General Regulations on the Use of Bavarian Public Libraries (ABOB), individuals who repeatedly and grossly breach the terms of use or the instructions of the Library can be excluded from using it.

A fine of 30 euros plus postage applies.