PD Dr. Johanna Blokker

Akademische Oberrätin, Chair of Heritage Conservation

Am Zwinger 4, Room 00.25
96047 Bamberg

Tel: +49 (0)951-863-2343
E-mail: johanna.blokker(at)uni-bamberg.de

Office hours during the academic session:  Thursdays, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Office hours between academic sessions:  by appointment

Originally from Canada, Johanna Blokker studied art and architectural history as well as music at McGill University in Montreal and at the University of Toronto, before moving to the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. She wrote her dissertation on the reconstruction of Romanesque churches in Cologne after World War II: In an analysis on the public debate on the treatment of destroyed cultural heritage of the city, she showed how cultural heritage was mobilized and appropriated to foster different policies of history and identity, thereby assigning it a decisive role in local processes of negotiating the past. 

In 2019, she completed a habilitation investigating the American funding and support of building projects in postwar Germany which aimed to develop a Western democratic thinking and to strengthen the former enemy as a bulwark against the Soviet East, thereby promoting the geopolitical interests of the US in Europe. The project was awarded the University of Bamberg's habilitation prize in 2019 (2.0 MB). 

In additional research projects and publications, Dr. Blokker has dedicated herself to the dimensions of heritage discourses in regard to cultural and memory politics, most recently in the context of conservative cultural critique by radical right-wing groups in Germany and Great Britain. These topics are central to her teaching at the University of Bamberg, where she has been a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer since 2012. Another research focus is the encounter and exchange of memory cultures in foreign countries. She pursues this pedagogical goal in the course of teaching and research cooperations with international partners. 

Johanna Blokker is a member of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies, the Memory Studies Association with its Working Group on Memory and Populism, and the Working Group on Theory and Education in Heritage Conservation (AKTLD).

curriculum vitae

1992-99: Studies in art and architectural history as well as music at McGill University in Montreal (B.A.) and the University of Toronto (M.A.)

1996-2007: Research fellowships from the University of Toronto, the Institute for Fine Arts at New York University, and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

2002-2004: Adjunct instructor at New York University and The New School University, New York

2009-2011: Adjunct instructor at the University of Cologne 

May 2011: Ph.D. in art and architectural history at the Institute for Fine Arts, New York University 

2012-2018: Postdoctoral fellow at the Chair of Heritage Conservation and lecturer in the Master's Programme in Heritage Conservation, Bamberg University 

Winter semester 2016-17: Guest lecturer at the Institute for Sociology / Department for Planning and Architectural Sociology, Technical University of Berlin

June 2019: Habilitation in art and architectural history at the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Bamberg University

detailed CV(67.3 KB)

Focus areas

  • Reconstruction after World War II
  • Architecture, memory and identity
  • Heritage studies and cultural politics
  • Preservation of 20th-century architectural heritage
  • International heritage cultures
  • Architecture and photography



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Journal articles and essays

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In preparation

Architecture as a Medium of American Cultural Diplomacy in Germany between the Second World War and the Cold War (monograph)

Bauliches Erbe in der Besatzungspolitik der Westalliierten in Deutschland nach 1945 (article)

Peter Behrens and the Modern Theatre (article)

Presented papers and public lectures

"Heritage and Populism".  Annual Memory Studies Association Conference, Madrid, June 2019.

"Heritage in Contemporary Populist Discourse in Britain and Germany".  Kulturelles Erbe und öffentliches Interesse. Deutsch-britische Perspektiven auf regionale Erinnerungskultur, Bayreuth, June 2019.

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Brussels, May 2012.

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