Conferences and Events

Extended Education - Practice, Theories and Activities in Stockholm, Sweden
From September 26-28, 2019, the second WERA-IRN EXTENDED EDUCATION conference is going to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. We invite an academic dialogue that aims at comparing and challenging concepts of child/youth and children’s and youth’s well-being, everyday activities, norms and affirmation to life among different countries and cultures. Participants will provide insights as they analyze fundamental elements of extended education worldwide, point out possible ways to develop the practices and activities from different perspectives, and suggest the specific theoretical and methodological approaches needed to promote research in this field. More information on the website of the conference.

Research Projects

EduCare-TaSe – All-Day School and School Succes?
A longitudinal study about students in all-day schools and their attending of extended education in German-speaking Switzerland. It focuses especially on the influence of extended education programs on children at risk.

StEG – Study on the Development of All-Day Schools
A research program focusing on the evaluation and future development of all-day schools in Germany. A main aspect of the study is the question, how all-day schools can contribute to individual support of students.


Does Finland Hold a Key to Unlocking the American Education System?

Dr. Gil Noam reports about his trip to Finland's Ministry of Education and Culture. There, he could learn about the recent changes in Finland's educational system. In brief, the educational curricula moved toward interdisciplinary learning and more cooperation between schools and extracurricular educational organizations. Read more

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