FORSCHEnde FRAUEN in Bamberg

The colloquium as a chance to present - publish - network

The colloquium offers young female scientists the opportunity to present innovative research projects, collect practical lecture experience, network with other young female scientists and publish their contributions. At the same time, it focuses on the work of young women in science.

About the colloquium

Lecture practice is an important basis of scientific work. "Forschende Frauen in Bamberg" offers women scientists of all disciplines the opportunity to present their scientific work to the university public. In the following discussion there is room for questions and suggestions, praise and constructive criticism.

All colloquium papers are published in Open Access format with the support of the Women's Office under the series title Forschende Frauen in Bamberg.

The aim is to provide young women researchers additional opportunities for publication and, at the same time, to convey a picture of women's interdisciplinary research at the University of Bamberg.

The lecture series is open to the public, i.e. all interested parties are cordially invited. The lectures will be followed by an informal exchange of ideas. In this way, contacts can be established beyond the disciplinary boundaries.

The colloquium is a measure of the University Women's Representative for the targeted promotion of young female scientists at the University of Bamberg. The focus is on doctoral students, but also on postdocs who want to expand their scientific portfolio. After participation and publication, the successful young women scientists will also receive an award for their contribution of 500 euros (per contribution). The aim is to enable the young scientists to attend other conferences as well.

You will find the reports on the individual colloquia of the FORSCHEnden FRAUEN on our blog.

The published contributions of the FORSCHEnden FRAUEN are listed below.

FORSCHEnden FRAUEN and their contributions