Women's representatives have existed at the University of Bamberg since the summer semester of 1989. Their responsibilities and tasks are defined in the following law:

"The women's representatives shall concern themselves with the prevention of disadvantages for female researchers, teachers and students; they support the university in the exercise of their duty to the actual enforcement of equality between women and men." (BayHschG, Art. 4, Abs. 2, Satz 1)

The Responsibilities of the Women's Representatives

In addition to providing advice to individiuals and prosecuting gender equality violations, the responsibilities of women´s representatives iclude but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Coordination of different programs to promote women's participation in research and teaching
  • Public relations in favor of the concerns of female students
  • Reporting on the situation of female students at the University of Bamberg
  • Committee work in all university committees
  • Support of gender studies in research and teaching
  • Providing advice to all members of the university on gender equality work (gender consulting)
  • Confidential counseling for female/ non-binary students and (early career) researchers

Contact Persons

Gender equality is organized in a variety of ways at the University of Bamberg. The central committee for women's issues at the University of Bamberg is the Women's Advisory Council, provided these pertain to female researchers, teachers and students. In addition to the gender equality officers, who are responsible for the science-supporting sector and student representatives include the women´s representatives of the faculties as well as the university women´s representatives. The women's office serves as a central point of contact for initial inquiries, but all women's representatives can always be contacted directly.