Dr. Tommaso Mari

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
ERC Starting Grant "ACO"
An der Weberei 5
96047 Bamberg

Phone: ++49 951-863-2026
E-mail: tommaso.mari(at)uni-bamberg.de

Tommaso is the linguistics expert on the team. He received his degrees from some of the world’s most renowned centers for the study of Classics, and at less than 30 years of age, he has published an impressive array of articles on Latin linguistics. Tommaso will scrutinize the Acts for any traces of orality revealed by linguistic oddities; also, he will investigate the often highly complex relationships between the Latin and Greek versions of the Acts.

Education and Career

2007-2012 Scuola Normale Superiore/Università di Pisa, Laurea Triennale in Lettere and Laurea Magistrale in Filologia e Storia dell’Antichità
2012-2016 University of Oxford, Brasenose College, DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature
from 2016 Postdoctoral researcher at Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg’s ERC Starting Grant “ACO”



  • Chancellor’s Latin Prose Prize – University of Oxford (2013)
  • AHRC Studentship – University of Oxford (2013-15)
  • Senior Hulme Scholarship at Brasenose College – Oxford (2014-15)
  • Hulme Completion Grant, Brasenose College – Oxford (2015-16)



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  2. Pauca de barbarismo collecta de multis: studio ed edizione critica, Pisa 2017.
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  9. The Latin translations of the Acts of the Council of Chalcedon, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 58 (2018), 126-155.   
  10. The grammarian Pompeius on ‘cateia’ : a Persian or a Gallic weapon?, Philologus 162 (2018), 372-377.
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