Bachelor and Master Theses

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Templates for theses and the expose are available at the  VC course (EESYS-Allgemeine Info Energieeffiziente Systeme).

Available Topics  

Working TitleContactAdditional Information

Consumption feedback design for smart faucets(52.3 KB)

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake
Feedback interventions to improve hand hygiene in hospitals(52.3 KB)Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake
Feedback interventions to improve hand hygiene in the catering sector(52.3 KB)Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake
Evaluation of battery technologies for Internet of Things devices(52.2 KB)Prof. Dr. Thorsten StaakeBachelor thesis
Simulation of micro-generator and battery configurations for energy autarkic faucets(52.5 KB)Prof. Dr. Thorsten StaakeMaster thesis, bachelor upon request
Do automatic faucets save water? Insights from a field experiment(52.3 KB)Prof. Dr. Thorsten Staake
Value of data in information systems researchKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
Analysis of the e-mobility charging infrastructure expansion based on OpenStreetMap dataKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
Predictive analytics in information systems research - a literature reviewKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
How firms use IT and hyperdifferentiation for profit: A comparison of examples from different industriesKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
Traditional Marketing vs. Data Scientist: A comparison of persona definition with data-driven insightsKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
Managerial decision making based on data analytics resultsKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019
The use of volunteered geographic information for energy data analyticsKonstantin HopfEarliest start: April 2019, Main focus on data analytics or (literature) review
Process mining with customer contact dataKonstantin Hopf, Andreas WeigertFocus on data analytics
Occupancy detection with smart meter data(130.8 KB)Andreas WeigertFocus on data analytics