Selected Research Projects

ERA-Net SG+ Project SmartLoad – Smart Meter Data Analytics for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector

The arising smart metering infrastructure generates large amounts of data about energy consumption in the residential sector. This data contains extensive (hidden) evidence of household characteristics such as saving potential, suitability for self-supply and storage.

Based on ordinary 15-min smart meter data and further external information (e.g. geographical, socio-economical, weather, statistics), we develop and test methods to automatically derive individual household characteristics in this project. We focus on household characteristics in the field of energy efficiency (e.g. interest on renewables like eco-tarrifs for electricity) and the suitability of households for self-supply and storage. Furthermore, we will identfiy atypical consumption patterns, estimate base load, and aim to discover individual saving and load shifting potential.

Together with our implementation partner BEN Energy, we develop algorithms with smart meter data from the utility CKW, our industry partner, and test them in field. The realiziation of the project will follow Swiss and European data protection regulations.

We expect validated and highly scalable methods as a project result that discover energy saving potential in the residential area that helps utilities to improve their sales strategy for green and sustainable products in line with national energy strategies.

Contact: Andreas Weigert, Dr. Konstantin Hopf

Duration: 01.06.2017 — 31.03.2020

Total Budget: 802'378 € (industry and public funding)

Project Partners: