Corona-related changes in summer semester 2020


Dear Students

Due to the current situation, we are concentrating our efforts on offering the compulsory course that our chair will be offering in the coming semester, as well as on our seminars at Bachelor and Master level. In this way, we ensure that your studies can be successfully completed and at the same time offer comprehensive support and interactive teaching, even under the given circumstances.

The course International IT Project Management (IITP) will be developed in an online course using a variety of shorter and scripted video clips and online exercises to help you evaluate your progress. The lectures can be viewed at any time after the start of the course. In addition, we will offer three tutorials per week at fixed times, giving you the opportunity to interact with us.

We will also offer three seminars (one at Bachelor's and two at Master's level). Currently, we are planning for 3 x 24 students, but we will increase capacity as needed. More information about the seminars and how to register will follow at least one week before the lecture starts.

We will offer all our exams, including the exams from the winter semester, as far as this is legally possible - which I suppose will be the case.

Due to the current situation, the lectures "Energy Efficient Systems" and "Data Driven Decision Support" unfortunately have to be cancelled. However, the corresponding examinations will be offered as far as legally possible. Both lectures will be offered again in 2021.

With best regards
Thorsten Staake