Supervised dissertations

Stefan Gruber (2018):

„The Long-term Consequences of Migration – Subjective Well-being and Cognitive Abilities of Older Migrants in Europe“

(first promoter)


Uta Brehm (2016):

„A Life Course Perspective on Women’s Reconciliation of Family and Employment“



Christian Haag (2016):

„Emergence of a new type of family? Parenting intentions of homosexual women and men“



Marcel Raab (2014):

„Family Effects on Family Formation“

(first promoter)


Christopher Schmidt (2014):

„Betriebliche Faktoren der Beschäftigung Älterer – Theoretische Überlegungen und empirische Analysen zu Bestand, Eintritten und Austritten“

(first promotor)


Thomas Leopold (2012):

„Linked Lives Within Families and Across Generations“

(first promoter)


Jan Skopek (2010):

„Partnerwahl im Internet – Eine quantitative Analyse von Strukturen und Prozessen der Online-Partnersuche“



Monika Sander (2009):

„Migration and Health – Empirical Analyses based on the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)“