Self-regulated learning at the university – conditions, consequences, promotion (Self)

Under the motto „Teaching is learning” (proverb of japan) stands the project “Self” which aims to gain knowledge about university teaching and learning behavior of students. In our project, we consider learning as a goal-directed and active process in which the learner sets himself self-determined goals for learning. The learner regularly observes and controls whether he is approaching or has already achieved these goals. If he or she realizes that the accessibility of his or her self- determined goals is at risk, he or she will use regulatory actions (e.g. use of new learning strategies) in order to be able to achieve still his or her goals. This shows that for self-regulated learning and the associated competence development, especially metacognitive abilities are central.

For this reason the project “Self” focuses on students’ learnings in terms of self-assessment (e.g. metacognition), goals in learning (e.g. learning and performance goals) and psychosocial adjustment (e.g. stress experience). Furthermore, we want to gain information about planning processes (e.g. planned learning time) as well as the perception of educational teaching by students. Therefore, students will be asked several times in relation to the different subjects during the semester. The goal of “SeLF” is, to better understand students´ learning behavior and to gain insights in variable that affect the competence development and psychosocial adjustment of students. In the long run, these findings are intended to improve the university teaching, to identify facilitation opportunities and derive support opportunities for students.

Self-regulated learning, learning goals, stress experiences in studies Metacognitive strategy knowledge and procedural metacognition

  • Metacognitive strategy knowledge and procedural metacognition
  • Relationship between metacognition, learning goals, self-efficacy and psychosocial adjustment
  • Self-regulated learning and competence development

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M. Sc. Simone Goppert

Dr. Nora Neuenhaus

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Pfost