Ongoing Projects:

DFG-Project "Effect of social origin, interests, personality traits, and competences on educational decisions and educational attainment" BiKSplus [8-18] (Relikowski/Artelt/Pfost/Buchholz, AR 301/10-1)

BMBF-Project "Combined effects of training musical abilities and phonological awareness in kindergarten children with German as first and second language" (Artelt) (FKZ: 01GJ1205B)

Projects with completed funding:

DFG-Project "Prerequisites, structure and effects of teachers` diagnostic competence" (Artelt/Weinert, AR 301/9-1, AR 301/9-2, AR 301/9-3)

DFG-Project "Metacognitive knowledge and domain-specific pre-existing knowledge with secondary level students: A longitudinal study for assessing the relation of both knowledge domponents in the development process" (Artelt/Schneider; 2007 - 2013)

DFG-Project "The development of students' competences and interests in primary and secondary school" (Artelt/Weinert AR 301/6-1, AR 301/6-2 2008-2013)

BMBF-Project "Nationales Bildungspanel NEPS (National Educational Panel Study), Pillar 1 – Competence Development in the Life Course" (with S. Weinert and C. H. Carstensen)

BMBF- Project "Short- and long-term effects of training phonological awareness in native and non-native German speaking kindergarten children" KIGA I (Artelt) ( FKZ: 01GJ0973)

DFG-Project "Dynamic Testing of reading competence: Assessing and fostering reading competence by means of feedback and (meta-)cognitive aids using technology-based assessment" (Artelt/Dörfler: 2007 - 2011)

DFG-Project "Auswirkung von Testcoaching auf die Mathematik- und Leseleistung bei PISA 2003" im Rahmen SPP "BiQUA" (Baumert/Artelt/Krauss)

OECD-Project "Erstellung eines internationalen thematischen Berichts basierend auf den PISA 2000-Daten" [Learners for Life: Student Approaches to learning. Paris: OECD]. (Artelt/Baumert/Peschar)

BMBF-Project "Förderung von Lesekompetenz": Leitung der Erstellung der Expertise "Förderung von Lesekompetenz" (Artelt/Baumert)