Current experiments

Most of our studies are conducted in the laboratory or in the field.

A few, however, are also executed as online-experiments.

Currently we run the following online-experiments:

ASMR -- new study about Bob Ross painting sessions (new! online since 19 Nov 2018)

This study tests the impact of ASMR videos on our experiences and on our current state. You'll find the respective experiment here.This time, we are interested in the impact of BOB ROSS - Joy of Painting -- sessions!


We will offer ten EUR 20.-- vouchers among all participants (will be randomly selected).



Fascinating but true: the perceived size of the moon changes dramatically over a period of 24h. What are main drivers for this illusion? Take part, be part of this worldwide research. You only need an ANDROID-phone; then you can download the app (available in English) at the GooglePlay store.

Just use the keywords "Moon Diary" and Bamberg and you'll find the app provided by the Department of General Psychology and Methodology. You can also directly assess it via