STRAT-O program

The STRAT-O program is an extracurricular program for the top performers at our chair. Participation in this program is based on the performance and commitment of the students in our courses and by personal invitation.

The goal of the program is to support students in their academic and professional careers. STRAT-O members are offered the opportunity to network with potential employers and develop their personal skills through guest lectures, case study workshops or mentoring programs. In addition, we offer application checks, career coaching and academic lectures within the program.


For Businesses:

For companies, the program serves as an intermediary to highly qualified future employees. We would be happy to discuss with you the possibilities of cooperation, for example in the form of guest lectures, company visits, projects within the scope of final theses or direct mentoring.

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Event schedule WS 2021/22:

01.12.2021 from 16:30 Uhr
Cook & Meet with PWC
While cooking together we get to know each other, ask questions and build our network!

12.01.2021 16:00 Uhr
Inside Bytabo
Bytabo founder Christian Schieber invites us to the Bytabo Space Hub and gives us an insight into the founding story of the Bamberg-based start-up.

20.01.21 - 21.01.2021
STRATO goes Bits&Pretzels
Visit to Europe's leading festival for founders

Past events:

  • Interview with Executive Director LATAM at DB Engineering & Consulting Carsten Puls
  • Brown Bag Seminar with Dr. Raphael Silberzahn (University of Sussex)
  • Franziska Nowak (Berg Lund & Co): From the lecture hall to the management floor
  • Thiemo Werner (Innosight): Beyond Strategy – the role of leadership alignment in management consulting
  • Prof. Dr. Labbé (LABBÉ & CIE): Headhunting is an obligation - value orientation requires value orientation
  • Bernhard Achleitner (Novartis AG): Corporate vs. Consulting – Insights into the work of a strategist
  • Linda Kramer (Siemens Energy / Remark Exclusive) & Dr. Deniz Sari (SAMP S.p.A): Self-employment as secondary occupation
  • Dr. Jan Wicke (Talanx AG): Let’s talk about facts and figures –Behind the Scenes of Talanx Annual Press Conference