Strategy and Organization are two sides of the same coin. The strategic orientation of companies and their competitiveness are implemented or hindered by the organizational context. Our modules deal with this this tension. This also includes a critical examination of the burning social issues of our time. Our aim is to provide you with first-class management education based on current research.  Top students are invited to participate in our STRAT-O Program.



Bachelor Course

Master Course


>> Strategy and Competition (WS)

>> Organisation von Marktbearbeitungs- und Markteintrittsstrategien (WS)

>> Corporate Strategy and Growth (WS)

>> Management Consulting Challenge (SS)

>> Strategic Renewal and Organizational Transformation (SS)

>> Strategic Practice and Process (every term)


>> Organisation: Theorie und Praxis (SS)

>> Grand Challenges: Organizational Perspectives and Responses (SS)

>> Agility and Organizational Change (SS)


Strategy and organisational research

>> Bachelorarbeitenseminar (every term)

>> Qualitative methodology in strategy and organization research (WS)

>> Masterarbeitenseminar (every term)

Career and network development

STRAT-O Programm (jedes Semester)

Additional program for top students of our specialisation

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