You will find the important information for courses offered by the Chair of Human Resource Mangement and Organisational Behaviour in the table below. For more information about the courses, please search the sites of the examination board for the current module manual (Modulhandbuch). If you have any further questions about the courses please look here for a collection of general questions and answers first or contact the contact person listed in the table for each coursein case you have further questions.

Along with the visit of our lectures we strongly recommend taking part in library tours and courses. Courses offered are for example "Basiskurs Bibliothek" as well as "Aufsätze und mehr - Datenbankrecherche", both especially for students of Business Administration as well as other subjects. Further information on courses and tutorials of the library can be found here.

Please also check the site of the examination office for information about the registration deadlines for centrally organised examinations, you can find them here.

A complete overview for the courses offered by the Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour can be found here (in german):

Overview Bachelor & Master(191.5 KB)

Courses of the summer term 2022


PM-B-01: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (German)


No Lectures/Exercises

PM-B-02: Organisational Behaviour (English)

Monday, 10-12 AM c.t., F21/03.81 (Main lecture)

Monday, 12 AM-2 PM c.t., F21/03.81 (Exercise)

PM-B-06: Human Resource Development (English)

Monday, 2-4 PM c.t., F21/02.41 (Main lecture)

Monday, 4 PM-5 PM c.t., F21/03.01 (Exercise) only: 09.05., 16.05., 23.05., 30.05., 13.06., 20.06., 27.06., 04.07., 11.07.


PM-M-03: International Dimensions of Human Resource Management (English)


Thursday, 10 AM-2 PM c.t., F21/01.37, (Main lecture) only: 12.05., 02.06., 30.06., 07.07., 14.07., 21.07., 28.07.


Tuesday, 10-11 AM c.t., F21/02.55, (Exercise) only: 17.05., 14.06., 21.06., 05.07., 12.07., 19.07., 26.07.

PM-M-04: Research Seminar Human Resource Management


Tuesday, 2-4 PM c.t., FMA/00.08 (Main lecture)

PM-M-08: Strategic Human Resource Management (German)


Friday, 12 AM-6 PM c.t., F21/02.55, (Main lecture), only: 06.05, 10.06.

Saturday, 9 AM-6 PM, c.t., F21/02.55, (Main lecture), only: 07.05., 11.06.

Thursday, 8-10 AM c.t., F21/02.55, (Exercise), only: 12.05., 02.06., 23.06., 14.07., 21.07.

PM-M-09: Presentation & Moderation (German)


Wednesday, 4-8 PM c.t., FMA/01.19, (Main lecture) only: 18.05., 25.05., 01.06., 08.06., 22.06., 29.06., 06.07.




PM-B-01: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management



Monday, 10:00 - 12:00 c.t., Zoom (main lecture), online

PM-B-04: Diversity Management (German)


Friday, 10:00 – 18:00 c.t., Zoom (Main lecture), Online (Link see VC Kurs)
Nur 21.01., 04.02., 11.02.

Bach-B-01: Colloquium Bachelor-Thesis


Tuesday, 12:00 - 13:00 c.t.,Online

PM-M-02: The Future of Work (English)


Tuesday, 10-12 AM c.t., Zoom, (main lecture), online

Thursday, 12-2 PM c.t., F21/01.35 (Exercise), presence

PM-M-06: Change Management (English)


Thursday, 12-4 PM c.t., Zoom, (main lecture), online, only: 28.10, 04.11., 12.11.(!), 18.11., 25.11., 02.12., 09.12., 16.12.

Friday, 12-6 PM c.t., RZ/00.06 (Exercise), presence, dates see Univis

Saturday, 9-5 PM c.t., RZ/00.06 (Exercise), presence,dates see Univis

PM-M-10: Leadership and Management Development (English)


Thursday, 8-12 AM c.t., Zoom (main lecture), online, only: 28.10, 04.11., 12.11.(!), 18.11., 25.11., 02.12., 09.12., 16.12.

Mast-M-01: Colloquium Master-Thesis


Tuesday, 12:00 - 13:00 c.t., online